windvaneselfsteering plans

Wind Vane Self Steering Kit & Costs.

The finished products of Hebridean 1, 2 and 3 are all the same.

Basic wood-work skills and tools required. No welding or other expensive extras.

The s/s socket is mounted between 2 timbers (not included) fixed to the stern.

The Kit ?
Hebridean 1. 600 GBP. (The complete package - a few days work).

American oak for the frame and paddle cut into strips for gluing and screwing.
All metal components in 316 s/s prefabricated (cut, drilled and tapped) ready for bolting to the frame. Carbon fibre for the vane and push-rod. All fastenings included.

License to build according to plans and instructions.

Hebridean 2. 390 GBP. (Having sourced your own wood - a few days work).
As Hebridean 1, but wood not included. Standard size of American oak or similar available at a timber merchant required and circular sawed according to instructions in the manual. Approximately 50 GBP.

Plans, fastenings, metal pre-fabricated and carbon fibre all supplied.

Hebridean 3. 290 GBP. (While stocks last - minimum 2 weeks work).
As Hebridean 2, but metal not prefabricated. All metal provided cut to length ready for drilling and cutting to shape according to the plans and instructions provided.
Some special tools required for working in s/s. (A slow speed pillar drill is recommended).

Post and Packing is not include and varies according to destination.
UK 20 GBP. EU and Ireland 30 to 50 GBP. USA and Australia 50 to 60 GBP.

(20 GBP extra for the complete H1 kit).

I will gladly help and advise during the build if necessary.?Contact me.

View a Hebridean and kit at Beaulieu boat jumble, Hampshire, 23rd April 2017. I will be there to answer any questions. Hope to see you.
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